Büdingen, Germany

I visited Büdingen on my way to Frankfurt a few months ago. From the early stages of my project, I had had plans to explore the Wetterau, a very beautiful region apparently unbeknownst to many Germans today. Büdingen and its surroundings became an important refuge for religious minorities in the eighteenth century, after Count Ernst Casimir of Ysenburg-Büdingen … More Büdingen, Germany

WANTED! Hélène du Moulin, aka Mme Jurieu

My post in this Women’s History Month is dedicated to Hélène du Moulin (1644-1720), the wife of the Huguenot minister Pierre Jurieu (1637-1713), one of the most prominent and controversial theologians in early modern history. Hélène is an elusive figure who lived among some of the greatest minds of her generation. She has been haunting my imagination ever since I began working on … More WANTED! Hélène du Moulin, aka Mme Jurieu