WANTED! Hélène du Moulin, aka Mme Jurieu

My post in this Women’s History Month is dedicated to Hélène du Moulin (1644-1720), the wife of the Huguenot minister Pierre Jurieu (1637-1713), one of the most prominent and controversial theologians in early modern history. Hélène is an elusive figure who lived among some of the greatest minds of her generation. She has been haunting my imagination ever since I began working on … More WANTED! Hélène du Moulin, aka Mme Jurieu

Geneva, Switzerland

Of all the libraries and archives I have visited since I began my research on the Camisard Prophets, Geneva is without a doubt the place I consider as the starting point of my quest. I first came to Geneva in 2007 during my PhD and have returned with great pleasure several times since then. The city is … More Geneva, Switzerland